Water Route

The Water Route is a walk through nature, history, literature and ethnography of this neautiful City Council. This route of about 20km connects Santiago´s North Path with the 3 measurement fountains of the City Hall: Fuente de Valdovín, Parga; Fuente de San Xoán, Lagostelle and Fuente de Pardiñas, Pardiñas.

Difficulty level: Medium-low

Duration: 6:30h

Distance: 19,6km

At the beginning, in an emblematic place of Guitiriz, there´s the parish of Sambreixo, in a unique place known as San Alberte where a roman bridge, an interesting Gothic chapel with a cruise of this century (sculpted by the local Josefa Quarry) and an amazing natural environment with a wide variety of trees converge; all on the bank of the Parga River that in this area is already and adult and runs to join the Landra, a few kilometres later. Close to this area, going up just a few metres to the left, is the Sambreixo viewpoint from which you can enjoy a beautiful skyline.

The Route is divided into three sections

San Alberte – Fonte de Valdovín
4.650 m.

Fonte de Valdovín – Fonte de San Xoán
8.100 m.

Fonte de San Xoán – Fonte de Pardiñas
6.900 m.

If you need more information, contact us and we will be happy to show you all the ins and outs of the route.