Guitiriz´s Corn Cake

Guitiriz is known for its corn cake, an artisanal sponge cake that has as ingredients: eggs, sugar, butter and corn flour.

But, do you know the stories that surround the cake?

? Among the neighbours the is the legend that this recipe was born from a visit of the Kings of the Sagrada Familia to the village of Boedo. Nobody wanted to give them accommodation, except a humble family from O Boedo, who lend them their house, despite being very poor and not even having anything to eat. The queen asked the mother of the family to make a cake with corn flour, to which the woman refused not trusting the result. The queen, in face of her refusal, told her: “It is so true that a very good sponge cake is going to come out of there, like this village is going to be flooded” and so it was.

The most realistic story says that there was a family in the village that made this cake and that it was so successful that, when they had to leave, they left the recipe to other bakeries so that they could continue to commercialise this delicacy.

Where to find it

Panadería Gómez

Panadería La Artesana