Location: Located 3.5 km from the municipal core.
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Population entities: 12
Abelendro, Becín, O Candendo, O Castro, Chinote, A Graña, Mende, Moeiro, O Navallo, Raposeiro, Recimil, Tarulle.

In Becín, remains of mounds such as the “Medorra de O Gandarón and castros, such as the “Castro de Recemil” are preserved. Also notable is the Romanesque church of San Xulián, expanded in the 19th century. In the atrium of the church is the Cruceiro, which was built by Don Xosé González Losada Pasarín in 1978. It highlights the crucified Christ, separated from the cross, the marked anatomy and his Virgin with his hands crossed on the shaft.

Festivities: August´s last weekend, San Ramón.