Location: Located 3,5 km from municipal core.
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Population entities: 15
A Abelleira, O Campizo, O Cando, As Coutadas, A Cuíña, A Fracela, Mariz, Mezonzo, O Ombral, A Portaescoira Porto de Recimil, Pradieiro, A Viladonega, Vilasusá, Xestelas.

The most representative element of Mariz is the Church of Santa Eulalia, in Romanesque style, was rebuilt in 1945 from the remains of a manor house: “The palace of the Tulla house” in this way does not present the appearance of a typical church. At its top, it retains an engraved stone with an open-armed figure that stood in the primitive church.

In Mariz, as in the entire county, watermills abound. The “Mills of the Mill” are located next to a stream and counts with five at different heights, adjusted to the waterfalls.


  • August 24th–25th in honor of St. Bartholomew.
  • Holy Week: The Feast of Fire and Water (Paschal Vigil), which combines mythical and religious elements, in this celebration the river is traveled to bless the water.