Location: Located 15 km from municipal core.
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Population entities: 28
A Areosa, A Caivanca, Casamuiño,As Casas Novas, A Castiñeira, A Cepeira, O Codesal, Contariz, A Cruz dos Campos, Embande, A Estrada, Ferreira, Fontefria, A Igrexa, A Lamela, Loureiros, Muros, As Pallotas, O Pazo, As Penas, A Porta dos Galonos, Porcelo,O Rego do Sapo, A Reigosa, San Cristovo, Santa Mariña, Soaxe, A Tolda, Vimieiro.

In the parish of Pígara we can find the Recreational Area of Ferreira, in which in addition to rest, you can also drink water from As Verrugas Fountain, theres a popular belif that says this waters are good to remove aches.

San Benito´s Chapel, built in the 17th Century, has on his outside an arcade with columns and lattices and on its facade two small windows on the sides of the door.

Its interior has no altarpieces but an excellent carving of San Benito from the 18th century. The Parish Church of San Pedro de Pígara is located in the village of Fontefría.

In Pígara there are also remains of the castrexa culture: “O Castro do pazo”, it is easy to find it, as it is right next to the track that leads to the village of the same name.

The river Ladra passes through the parish of Pígara leaving us with very beautiful spots such as “Os caneiros” in the village of Purucelo. This is a great area for a swim surrounded by wide meadows and the shadows of birch trees.


  • 29th – 30th June in honor of Saint Peters.
  • 27th September in honor of Saint Benito.