Location: Located 8,4 km from municipal core.
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Population entities: 9
Altamira, Alto de Roca, As Lamas, As Penas, A Ponte de Roca, O Portodola, Quintán, Roca, Santa Ana.

In this parish there are remains of mamoas such as the “Medorra de Pena Gallada”, and also of the castrexa culture such as the “Castro de Quintán”. The water and the mills are one of the main tourist attractions of Guitiriz and a good example of this can be seen in this parish.

Thus, the Water Route, passing through Roca is one of the most beautiful parishes, and submerge us in a haven of peace and tranquillity, walking along the river, watching the waterfalls, and the magnificence of the forest that surrounds it. One of the most charming stages is the one that goes from Pitero – Parga.

In Roca there are also plenty of fountains such as “Fonte do Ferreiro” (Roca-bridge), “Fonte da Branca e coral” and “Fonte de Bureiros” (Quintan). In addition to nature, in Roca we can also enjoy its religious architecture, highlighting the Parish Church of San Xulián, which dates from the first third of the 18th century. Its façade is made of carved stone and the structure of the nave is rectangular.

In front of the church we can also see a beautiful cross. Next to the parish church there is also the chapel of Santa Ana in the village of the same name (private).

Festivities: 6-7 January, Saint Xulián.