Location: Situada a 8,4km do núcleo municipal.
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Population entities: 14
Alfonsares, Bandoncel,O Canto do Muro, O Carballo, A Cortella, Costoiras, O Cotón, A Eirexe, A Fonte, As Penas, O Rego da Viña, Santo Alberto, Sobreouteiro, Toar.

The North Path to Santiago de Compostela passes through this parish. One of the most significant places in Sambreixo is San Alberte where there is a Gothic style chapel. Near the chapel there is also a spring, which, according to popular belief, its waters are good for curing problems related to the mouth.

Around the Chapel of San Alberte there is a fishermen’s refuge, ideal for a break along the way.

In San Alberte starts the “Ruta da Auga”, which is a hiking route that tries to join the three medicinal mineral springs (Fonte de Valdovín in Parga, San Xoán in Guitiriz, and the Fonte de Santo Domingo in Pardiñas) of the municipality with the North Way of Santiago de Compostela.

The parish church of Sambreixo, located in Toar, is another of its tourist attractions. Its style was initially Romanesque, as the original building dates back to the 12th century, with a small opening and some very sinuous corbels.

Another incentive to visit Sambreixo are the fantastic views from its viewpoint.


  • In honour of San Remixio, the first weekend in October.
  • The popular pilgrimage to San Alberte, the third weekend in May.