Santa Cruz de Parga

Location: Located 8,9 km from municipal core.
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Population entities: 15
Baldomar, Bueiro, O Candorco, O Castro, Ferreiro, A Fontemourela, A Igrexa, Ixavara, As Lobeiras, Painzás, Pedracova, A Pena, Penabico, A Pontella, Os Portos.

In the parish of Santa Cruz de Parga we can find several mámoas or medorras such as A Modia da Fraga do Rei, in Lobeiras and the Medorra de O Vieiro, in O Castro.

There are also remains of the castrexa culture: “Castros de Pedrasos” in Ferreiros and “Castro de Candorco” in O Candorco. There are also remains of “Aras romanas”, small monolithic monuments commemorating a memory of something or someone, in the Torre district.

The Parish Church of Santa Cruz, in Romanesque style from the 12th century, stands out. In addition to the church, we also highlight the “Calvario”, a group of crosses that represent Christ’s passion. We can also appreciate the “Pazo de Pontella” from 1799, an example of civil architecture.

The life of this parish was greatly influenced by the military centre located on the southwest hill of the “Penedo do Castelo” in the Santa Cruz mountain range. The centre was founded in the 1940s and functioned as a regional camp until 1965. Nowadays it occupies the same extension and consists of 3 shooting ranges and a small group of professionals who look after and maintain the facilities.

Festivities: First weekend in May.