Santa Leocadia

Location: Located 7,5km from municipal core.
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Population entities: 11
Aldar, Cabana, Carballedo,A Conchada, Digañe, Eirexe, A Laxe, O Outeiriño, A Pateira, A Raposeira, Saa.

The Way of St. James leaves the lands of Guitiriz when it passes through Santa Leocadia, so it is worth visiting its beautiful parish church, located in Eirexe. It was built in the 17th century, but was renovated in the 19th and 20th centuries.

The interior of the church is very beautiful, in the reitoral is conserved a baptismal font from the XVII century, semi-spherical and with large protruding grooves. In the atrium of the parish church there is a cross, which was part of an old “Via Cruces” and the “Cruceiro da Raposeira” in the place of Raposeira, located at a crossroads.

In Sta Leocadia we can taste the famous waters of Guitiriz in “Fonte da Pateira”, “Pozo do Pinto” or “Pozo da Cabana”.

Festivities:In honour of San Antonio on the Sunday before San Xoán.