Santa Mariña de Lagostelle

Location: Located 4,7 km from municipal core.
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Population entities: 14
As Augas Longas, A Cabana, As Casillas, Corvite, Os Fidalgos, Lea, Lentemil, As Mámoas, O Outeiro de Lea, A Pena do Leito, O Porto Vello, As Poceiras, Santa Mariña, Rioseco. Nesta parroquia tamén abundan as mámoas como por exemplo a “Mámoa de Os Penedos” en as Poceiras, a mámoa do “Marco de Portovello” no Portovello.

The parish church in honour of the Virxe do Carme began to depend on the parish of Guitiriz, which was created as a parish in 1898 under the patronage of Santa Mariña, and was later enlarged.

In 1950, a fire forced the reconstruction of a new temple. The bell tower had “Santa María” written on it. Inside it has two current altarpieces, the largest of which bears the figures of Santa Mariña, Santa Lucía and Corazón de Xesús. Next to the church in the atrium there is a cross.

In this parish stands out the Fonte da Igrexa, which is located in the wall that forms the atrium of the parish church, but the most curious thing is that the font is born below the altar of the church. The fountain was renovated in 1990.

Next to the church there is a small recreational area with stone tables and benches. The railway influenced the territorial structure of Santa Mariña as it divides the parish into two.

Festivities: The weekend before 16th July. In honour of the Virxe do Carme.