Location: Situada a 5 km do núcleo municipal.
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Population entities: 14
Arca Cavada, Baxoi, O Cal, O Campo, O Mesón da Cabra, O Mesón Vello, A Mota, Pasarín, A Pena Moscosa, O Pino, Prado, Sante, Trasparga, Vilanova.

Trasparga occupies a very important place in the history of the municipality of Guitiriz, since it was the first municipality that existed, until it finally became the municipality of Guitiriz.

The Parish Church of Trasparga is of Roman origin, dating from the 20th century. It still has a doorway converted into a window on the right wall and a Romanesque doorway with a double semicircular arch on the left.

The main chapel was enlarged in 1910, and was restored in 1995, in order to clean and leave the stone of its walls in sight. Inside, there is a baroque altarpiece from the 18th century with Santiago Peregrino, San Xosé and San Blas.

On the sides, there are two other altarpieces, a modern one with Inmaculada, Fátima and San Antonio that has Solomonic columns that come from an old altarpiece of the Vilares, and another modern one presided by the Dolorosa. There is also a cross in the atrium of the church.

In the surroundings of Trasparga there are also: “A Capela de San Xusto”, in the neighbourhood of Cal and “A Capela de San Xosé”, in the neighbourhood of Vilanova. As in the rest of the Concello, there are plenty of fountains: “Fonte de Requeixada e do Francés” in Prado, the “Fonte da Veiga do vento e da Renla” in Vilanova and “a Veiga de Aurelio” in Pasarín.

Festivities:24 – 25 July in honour of Santiago.