The Tourism Quality System in Destinations (SICTED) is a project sponsored by the General Secretariat of Tourism and the Spanish Federation of Municipalities and Provinces, integrated within a framework of action of the Integral Plan for Spanish Tourism (PICTE) aimed at organisations and institutions, both public and mixed, in the municipalities.

The idea arises from the need to provide tourist destinations with mechanisms to direct and combine efforts towards a common goal: to improve the quality of the services offered in the same destination and achieve a homogeneous level of quality (it is useless to be treated very well in one establishment if the rest is not good, they must all work together and in an integrated way in favour of quality and that has an impact on customer satisfaction).

O Concello de Guitiriz comeza a traballar no SICTED no ano 2005, sofre un parón de ano e medio por motivos alleos á xestión municipal e retomise en maio de 2007. Since then the participating companies continue working to achieve the highest levels of quality and offer their customers the best service.

16 entidades

de diferentes sectores, tanto públicos como privados, participan no programa na actualidade

O.M de Turismo
Policia Local
Panadería La Esquina
Panadería David
Fotografía Kantero
Bar Xoldra
Tapería O Korreo
Bar Cit
Restaurante La Casilla
Albergue Wittericus
Parrillada Merendero
Parrillada A Capela
Café Bar Recreo
Camping El Mesón
Taxi Ángel Neira
Protección Civil