The Primitive Path

The Primitive Path of Santiago´s arises from the search for historical and environmental criteria. This new tour allows walkers to get to know Guitiriz deeper and enjoy the natural, historical richness and culture of the Land of Water and Stone.

This new slope also begins at San Alberte, and matches several km with the Traditional Path. In the place or Toar, belonging to the parish of Sambreixo, we walk-through  a beautiful village where we can also appreciate the Rego de Toar that is born a little further to the left, in Ereixe, a site of the parish church of Sambreixo. Following the stream, which flows into the Parga River, we can see an old laundry room.

Later, the road is divided, on the right side we take the route to Pobra de Parga by a road wrapped in nature until Rego de Portofontao crossing. There we take to the left towards A Belouchada.

In A Belouchada we can see two crosses and the neighbour’s houses. If we continue the route, we see the first houses of A Pobra with a landscape of lush and beautiful forests.

A Pobra, a pre-Roman enclouse, features the Parish Church of Santo Estevo, and the 16th century Castle of Parga that counts with a small legend. It is said that during the reign of the Catholic Monarchs, it became a prision and that the cries of the prisoners used to be heard throughout Parga when they were tortured.

As we pass through A Pobra, we head towards Ferreira and Montemeá. Upon arriving Montemeá, the pilgrim encounters a crossing, and has to go to the left on dirt tracks, About 500 metres away take a path that will take you  to the place of Rebordiños do Monte to continue to O Vilar.

From Vilar you continue the stretch along the road until you reach the parish of As Negradas, just before you find the indicator with the name of the village you have to take a path on the right, that will take us to Penabranca, from there it goes to As Cruces to finally get to Sobrado, where the stage ends.

Santiago´s North Path reaches the declaration of World Heritage along with the Primitive Path, a declaration granted by Unesco in July 2015.

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the North Path walk-through Guitiriz.