Location: Located 11 km from the municipal core.
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Population entities: 32
A Abeleira, O Buriz, Bustelo, Campoverde, Carelo, O Corral Vello, Corvite de Abaixo, Corvite de Arriba, A Costeira, A Cova, A Fontecribo, O Forno, A Forxa, A Graña, O Grueiro, A Lagoa, As Mezoiras, A Mouteira, O Pedrazón, A pedreira, As Penas, O Penediño, O Penedo, O Portelo, Rebordelo, Riotorto, San Cibrao, O Sandiño, A Ventisca, O Vilariño, Xestoselo, Xiá.

Buriz has a great historical-cultural heritage, and also preserves numerous remains of the Castro do Forno culture: “O Castro do Forno” and “Castro da abeleira”. It is also known for the petroglyphs “Agro das Calzadas” and “Pena Vicuda”.

The parish church of San Pedro do Buriz is located in the village of Graña. It highlights its 17th-century façade, with a chapel of the Virgin of Carmen from 1763, 18th-century imagery and in the sacristy the processional cross of silver and a “Roman altar”, which is currently located in the atrium attached to a circular pedestal. Next to it is the “El Calvario da Graña”. The cross that is part of this draws attention to the decoration of its shaft with a semi-column ornamented with chains and a rooster, attributes of the patron Saint Peter.

We can see the “O Cruceiro de Riotorto” located at a crossroads near the village of Riotorto, retains an inscription indicating its promoters and their date.

Buriz has beautiful chapels like that of Nosa Señora de Fátima, in Corvite de abaixo, and the chapel of the N.S of Lourdes, located in the village of Xestoselo.

Festivities: Next weekend of St. John’s. In honor of St. Peter’s. The last weekend of May is the “Festa do Carme” known as the Youth Festival.