San Xoán de Lagostelle

Location: Municipal core.

Population entities: 14
Guitiriz, e as aldeas de Acevedo, Amariz, Ansede, Arxá, Barreiro, Belote, Cabanacomba, Cezar , Escádebas, Xomelio, A Landoreira, Os Liñares, Pardiñas, O Pazo, O Penedo, O Sanguiñedo, Senande, Sesulfe, A Torre.

Guitiriz and the nearby villages form the parish of San Xoan de Lagostelle, to which belong the “Área Recreativa San Xoán de Lagostelle” and the “Área Recreativa dos Sete Muíños”. Both are natural areas that allow us to get in touch with nature and get to know the local flora and fauna first hand.

In the “Área Recreativa San Xoán de Lagostelle” there is a large reservoir, for which the place is popularly known. Another natural area worth mentioning is the river walk that goes from Ponteveiga to the “Sete Muíños”, a walk that forms part of one of the sections of the well-known Ruta da Auga (Water Route).

In the municipal centre, the Analematic Clock of Sol stands out, located in the field of the fair. It is so called because the gnomon falls off throughout the year according to the sun’s declination. Thus, it is the observer himself who, placed on the date, tells the time with his own shadow. Next to it is the Parish Church of Santa María, as well as the Church of San Xoan de Lagostelle, near the Civil Guard barracks in Torre Vella.

In Curro Vello square we can see the “Chapel of the Ecce Homo” from the 20th century, owned by the dons of Casa Barxa. Inside there is an altarpiece with images of the Virgin, San Xosé with his baby, Christ the Saviour and the Ecce Homo.

In the town centre of Guitiriz there is a spa, restored and inaugurated in 2003. In its beautiful enclosure we can see a mosque from the Civil War, since, during that time the Spa was a military hospital.

Along with religious architecture there are also examples of civil architecture, such as the Pazo de Camarasa; A Torre, an old fortified house dating from 1372 that gave its name to the place where it is located, which was destroyed and rebuilt in 1863.


  • In honour of San Xoan (Guitiriz) on the 23rd and 24th of June, joining the next weekend.
  • 14 de setembro. Festa do Ecce Homo, no Curro Vello.
  • First weekend in August. Pardiñas Festival.
  • First Sunday in June. Torta de Millo Cake Festival.
  • Every Wednesday the market is held in the town square.