Location: Located 6km from the municipal core.
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Population entities: 13
O Carballal, Cercedo, O Buxío, A Chantada,O Covelo, Ferreira, A Vilonchada, Galiñeiro, Montemeá, A Ponte, A Pobra de Parga, Portopulgo, A Tolda.

In this parish is located Valdovín´s Fountain, which is one of the three medicinal mining fountains in the council. Another of the natural landscapes with a special charm in the Recreational Area of “A Carballeira”, located at the banks of the Parga river.

In addition, the CIT stands out (Centre of Tourist Initiatives) where you can play football, basketball or just rest enjoying this place´s beauty.

Parga has a rich historical and cultural heritage, we can find the remains of monuments that belong to epipaleolithic culture as “O xacemento de Pena Xiboi”, declared cultural heritage.

Another of Parga´s most emblematic places are the surroundings of Parga´s Parrochial Church, where we can see the remains of anthropoid sarcophagi, as well as, the remains of Parga´s Castle and the “cruceiro” que hai located at it´s surrounding area.

Next to the Health Care centre is  San Xose´s Chapel. Indoors there´s a barroquial style altarpiece and a carved Virgin  with Christ-Child.

Festivities: August´s third weekend in honor of Saint Roque.

In Parga, parties and fairs abound.

  • Fairs are held on Sundays from  9th to 15th and the last Sunday of the month.
  • The “Fair of stonework, crafts and curds”, where we can see how stonemasons work on the stone, as well as, enjoy one of the typical dishes in the area. On this day, families have an afternoon snack aorund the oak trees.