Location: Situada a 7,8 km do núcleo municipal.
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Population entities: 16
Bascuas, O Cando, O Casal, A Casanova, Enfestela, A Ermida, Locencia, A Mámoa, Mirón, Pereira, Revixoso, Samesode, O Seixo, Os Teixidos, Vigo e Vilaverde.

San Salvador has one of the most emblematic places in Guitiriz, the Aldea de Bascuas. In these surroundings there is a beautiful chapel. The sanctuary was a centre of pilgrimage until the beginning of the 20th century and due to the large number of pilgrims it had, the lords of Guitiriz and Baamonde, who donated the territory in the 18th century, decided to endow it with a hermitage.

Among the many traditions attributed to this chapel, the most important was the power attributed to its key to cure people who were bitten by dogs with rabies. The devotees say that the water that flows from the Fonte da Veiga near the sanctuary has curative powers and there are many who collect it on the day of the pilgrimage to take it home.

One of the most significant crosses in this parish are the Cross of Bascuas, near the sanctuary of Our Lady of Bascuas. It is a monolithic, rustic cross with a receptacle and a small basin for holy water on its platform, which is very unusual.

In addition to the cross, the Pazo da Casanova Cross stands out, located in a private property. It is very striking because it presents a very disproportionate crucified Christ and a figure in a praying attitude.

In the village of Vilaveiga, where the parish church of San Salvador is located, a new neo-Gothic style church was built between 1910 and 1914, thus eliminating the primitive Romanesque church.


  • Second weekend in May. In honour of San Salvador.
  • 14th – 15th August. Popular pilgrimage of Nosa Señora de Bascuas, also known as Festas das Nosas Raíces.