Location: Located 6,5 km from municipal core.
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Population entities: 10
O Campo da Vila, Casanova, A Fontataza, Forcas, Fraguas, As Lobateiras, A Modia, A Pena Redonda, Rebordiños, Salgueirón.

As in the rest of Guitiriz Council´s parishes, there are lots of mamoas in O Vilar, as it can be the one in A Fontanza, “Fraga de Forcas”.

In this parish, , St. Maria´s parrochial church stands out as an example of Romanesque art, built in the second half of the 12th century.

There are several “cruceiros”, among them them the ones that stand out the most are O Cruceiro de Rebordiños e o Cruceiro de Fraguas located next to the house under the same name. Their raised granaries are also worth the admiration, such as  “Hórreo de Rebordiños” adjacent to the owner´s house.

Festivities: September´s first weekend in  in honor of  “Nosa Señora”.